About AiPac

AiPac (Advanced Integrated Packaging) was founded in early 2016 to create a US-based DFM (design for manufacturing) platform enabling rapid development of optimized manufacturable products and an IC Packaging supplier to serve the military and medical markets and the low to intermediate volume semiconductor packaging markets

AiPac is the first one stop shop manufacturing services in the bay area that can take in a Wafer and produce a final product in the form of packaged chip, assembled PCB or finished product. All IC Packaging, PCB assembly and automatic test are in-house at our 28,000 ft2 Fremont, California facility.

We leverage our packaging and systems expertise to help customers achieve the lowest cost and the fastest time to market by assisting our customers in designing products that are optimized for manufacturability.

We also offer collaboration resources to support New Product Introduction from the infant development to deliver and distribute product. Our incubation center supports new idea and product to be realized and our studio will support product introduction, marketing and distribution into Vietnam and Philippines market.

The medical industry demands ultra-high quality and often needs to meet stringent FDA quality standards that are difficult to monitor half a word away. Time to market is a critical success factor in many of today's fast paced markets. Bringing up a product locally is much more efficient than trying to bring up a product many time zones away. AiPac aims to fill these market needs in our Fremont, California manufacturing facility.


We believe that winning products must have:

  • Best Design - This requires the mastery of multi-disciplines from design through the manufacturing process. Design for manufacturing must be imbedded throughout the design cycle.
  • Fast Time to Market - Product life cycles continue to shrink so getting to market early is critical for a winning product. Winning products are designed right from the start eliminating the need for costly design iterations throughout the design cycle.

AiPac realizes that most companies do not have all of the desciplines required to develop winning products and must serially go to 3rd party resources to augment their own resources. Our vision is to put all of the collaborative resources in place to rapidly develop electronic products while optimizing cost and performance and design in manufacturability in at the beginning of the design cycle. We eliminate the inefficiencies in today's sequential multi-vendor and multi-discipline approach by providing access to the multi-disciplines required to develop a product "From Concept to Reality."

  • We are your electronic hardware solution, from development through manufacturing
  • We simplify hardware development and design in mnufacturability right from the start
  • The end result is the best product, the most cost effective product developed in the shortest amount of time.

Our goal is to provide small companies and large companies with a complete portfolio of services from design inception through manufactured product, deliver the prototype and intermiediate volumes and, when volumes warrant, handoff the design to high volume overseas suppliers. In addition, we can provide financial and marketing support to emerging companies.