Tri Minh Hoang, President and CEO

Tri Minh Hoang has an extensive background in system design, the telecom service businesss, and cloud computing, co-founding two telecom startups that were acquired by publicly traded companies. He founded AiPac to implement his vision to provide a full-service Internet of Things (IoT) environment used by both hardware and software engineers. Key to this vision is a hardware platform conceived by expert hardware and system engineers to enable software engineers to develop IoT (Internet of Things) products with shorter time to market while delivering cost-effective IoT solutions.


Damon Doe, CFO

Mr. Damon Doe, CFO is the Founder and Managing Director of Kiso Capital, a growth capital debt fund dedicated to supporting emerging growth companies. During his 25 plus years of senior level experience in financial services, commercial banking, fund management, corporate finance, accounting, and equity investment. Mr. Doe has been a Managing Partner of Montage Capital, another growth capital fund, and had similar responsibilities. He was also Co-Founder, EVP, and CFO of Sand Hill Capital and, in these capacities, have been supporting entrepreneurs with their financing needs for decades. He also served in executive and senior level positions in several local area commercial banks including Silicon Valley Bank, US Bank, Legacy Bank, and United American Bank. In his time off, Mr. Doe enjoys ice hockey and golf, and serves his spoiled dog, Penny. Mr. Doe graduated from San Jose State University with a finance degree.


Bryan Jarvis, Director Business Development

Bryan Jarvis, Director Business Development, has spent 29 years in the semiconductor field. While starting off as an N-MOS designer, his background has made him a forerunner in the area of DFM technology. While at ICS Mr. Jarvis compiled a super set, matrix design rules with foundries, photomask and assembly partners. Mr. Jarvis has enabled many start-up and young companies to develop products and ramp for production at a reduced cycle-time while reducing risk. Through his interaction and negotiations with HW/SW vendors he has developed a vast knowledge of the mechanics and coordination of the industry. Mr. Jarvis attended IBT in Santa Clara with a certificate in IC Design. Karass Negotiating I, II Certifications.


Paul A. Lessard, CTO Module systems

Paul A. Lessard, CTO Module systems, has over 20 years of senior management experience with several Silicon Valley companies and startups providing technical, business and marketing direction. Mr. Lessard has been SVP of the Systems Division at ICS, CEO of DigitalQuake [NSM] as well as CEO of QformX an engineering consulting firm developing video compression, thin clients and many IoT devices. Most recently SVP of Paqet an IoT RTOS company. Prior experiences include ZDS portables architect, DEC Alpha PC architect, Intel northeast applications manager with Intel Achievement award from the systems group for helping them convert from embedded systems to PC motherboards, SUN 386i and initial 486 motherboards with the original “local CPU bus” video architecture, Wang workstations and IBM internal high-speed test equipment designer. Mr. Lessard graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a BSEE and holds several patents.


Peter Huynh, Vice President of Engineering and Manufactuing

Mr.Peter Huynh has a Master's in Engineering and Certified MIT a member of IPC organizations. He brings over 20 years of management & PCB manufacturing experience working with top Silicon Valley organizations, engineering leadership roles with US companies plus foreign training and leadership experience in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. Mr. Peter Huynh has led the growth and profitability of numerous companies, Corsair Component, Toshiba Group, Benchmark Electronics, Sparton Corporation in the USA including the Vietnamese division of Unigen Corporation in Hanoi. Mr. Peter Also has a very rich experiences in Aerospace and Defense Industry Applications professionals analyze, design, build, test and deploy innovative industry-specific solutions related to Aerospace and Defense.